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Bishop Arts
Bishop Arts
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through habitation.
Throw Caution
to the wind of
"normal life".
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in living your own story instead. That's why we've created the perfect home to improvise.
Like you,
Novel Bishop Arts is a Philosophy.

Every great piece of art is born from great inspiration. We feel the same way about life. That’s why we created an apartment community designed to inspire those who call it home. More than just a place to live, Novel Bishop Arts is a spirit. A way of living. We have just as much reverence for quiet, relaxing contemplation next to our Stevie Ray Vaughan inspired pool as we do an IPA-fueled discourse at the Kessler Theater.

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It's the Bishop Arts way...

Living here means shrugging off exclusivity in favor of unplugged, magnetic energy. It means dumping chain restaurants in favor of a well-crafted sandwich. We think the best things in life are done how you want it. When you want it. (…and Dude Sweet chocolates are a huge Y-E-S).

In Practice

You are a maker and a doer. You believe in the artistic expression of an old fashioned barber shop-even if they don’t quite get your request right. You are a plant mom. Or at least appreciate one. You crave diverse human connection-especially if it’s with a furry friend. And you appreciate a curious contrast of classic and modern. Novel Bishop Arts is intentionally unscripted and definitely unabridged. It’s the Bishop Arts Way.

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